The oldest double
hammam in Istanbul

Davutpasa Iskelesi Hammam, is the oldest double hammam in Istanbul (servicing both men and women).
The hammam is also known as Zirhci Hammam.


The hammam has six domes, two of them are straight from outside but reversed from inside with an unmatched architecture. The men's section has double marble slabs which is a unique property among hammams.

and Healing

The hammams have multiple healing properties.
They are recommended more and more each day both for bodily and spiritual health.
Our establishment is gay-friendly.


Our historical hammam is in Istanbul's Samatya, Fatih district.
It is in walking distance to a central location like Aksaray.

Davutpasa Hammam is waiting for you with its
authentic and historical atmosphere.
FOR INFO: +90 212 633 22 76